Krumlin Festival - The Yorkshire Folk Blues and Jazz Festival August 1970

This site is dedicated to the Yorkshire Folk, Blues and Jazz Festival which took place in the small hamlet of Krumlin in West Yorkshire, England over the weekend of 14-16 August 1970. Some of the highlights of the festival included performances by Elton John in his early days, Tony McPhee and the Groundhogs, Billy Connolly (then one of the Humblebums), and those all-time festival stalwarts Fairport Convention.

Over the years many myths and legends have spread about the story of Krumlin with the festival being totally washed out by the torrential rainstorms that descend on the Yorkshire Pennines from time to time. Despite this, many people still have fond - and not so fond - memories of the time they spent at Krumlin.

If you remember Krumlin, were there, have any memories, stories, photos, tickets, programmes, memorabilia or indeed anything Krumlin related we'd love to hear from you.

John S Wharton, author of the excellent book 'Plebs - The Halifax Jazz Club 1961 -1968' now has a new project - a book on Krumlin, the people, the music and the real story. He still needs more material so if you have anything that might be useful please email us at

Over the coming months we'll add material to this site so keep checking for updates.
August 2020

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Krumlin, Yorkshire TV's Calendar put together a web page and short film about the festival.
Krumlin festival film
It was originally broadcast over two nights as two five minute clips but there's a 20 minute extended version at the bottom of the page.
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