Krumlin Festival - The Yorkshire Folk Blues and Jazz Festival August 1970

Personal memories of Krumlin
My friend Den and I thumbed it to this event on the thursday evening from near Ripon, North Yorkshire. We had no camping gear or change of clothes as we were young (16) and never thought about it! We'd already got advance tickets. I remember we walked through Halifax and remember getting chased by a dog in a church graveyard somewhere. I think the Friday was not too bad on the weather scene and can't remember who appeared. But remember the Humblebums, Elton John, Groundhogs, Atomic Rooster, Fairports, Fotheringay. Alexis Corner, Alan Price I think, Ralph McTell perhaps.

I can't remember when the rain started but I don't think it stopped for a day. I recall acquiring some plastic bags to sleep under - it was not good.

By the Sunday morning after the thunderstorm and destruction of the stage the event was called off!

I don't remember the journey home!

But the music was good!
Martin Hutchinson - 2012
I got there by train with, as usual, no gear at all. Jeans, cloth sandals ('alpargatas' from Spain), an African shirt, a suede Saharan jacket and a Spanish flamenco hat. Nothing to smoke (I planned to buy there) and a couple of acids. Good train ride with some Scottish guys that I labored hard to understand.

When we got there it was cold and raining but, hell, I'm from Belgium so I did not care too much. Certainly the weather was not what gave me bad vibes. Cops did it. Lots of them with dogs and so on. Plenty of bad vibes. So (crazy things one does when young) I swallowed an acid just to keep the coppers to take it from me just in case :-/ Then I observed the consequences of the massive (for me) cop presence. Very little smoke around and lots of booze and drunks. Huge plastic bottles of cider or beer passing around was the "couleur locale" of the festival for me. Not my ball game. So I began vainly to look for some dealer to buy some pot. An annoyance when tripping. But, cool, I found some good Samaritans that invited me.

Weather was shit, the grounds muddy as hell, the sound not that great but groups like Fairport Convention did try really to make a good show and did. They even apologized for what was not their fault. I did not care. I was tripping pretty well despite the weather and even the drunks were in general cool and happy people that helped me make more of the trip and the show. So somebody gave me a plastic, I found a place to sleep relatively dry and warm and I enjoyed the festival quite a bit until it ended as it ended.

So even knowing beforehand how it went, I will do it again, only that I would go more prepared...

That's it. No pictures, no nothing, that's not my style (even now at my age). Good fun it was. Hard but good.
Pedro Godfroid Goffin - Belgium 2010
...we worked for the organisers, Hiland (sic) and Co., clearing the site the week before. It was beautiful sunny weather as I remember and our Andrew was there too being in between jobs at the time. Not quite his thing really, him being a snooty old fashioned Wagner fan, but he set about clearing the field and cutting the high grass down with a dilligence which was much lacking in the other, hippy members of the crew, and he took it badly when none of us got paid afterwards. We must have all got up there of a morning in his car, probably an Austin A35. The first day of the festival I remember only a lot of coming and going, and the weather being still sunny. The tent was pitched on a severe slope in the adjacent field and I remember John H, Alan R, Steven H being involved. You were doing some transport of something, (?), in your Mini, and I didn't see much of you. Was Pauline M involved? And John H told me how you'd knacked your petrol tank in on a rock on the dirt road.

The sequence of events is very vague....

DJ and I did security, which got us a back-stage pass, but being young and shy I didn't go in for much milling with celebrities, (don't know if he did, though I've never heard him say so), although I did manage to be in the urinal at the same time as Alan Price, but couldn't think of a conversation starter, and he was pissed anyway. Everywhere was wet and muddy by now and a lot of folks, having come without tents, were huddled up in the mud in bright yellow plastic bags. Pat and I did stage security through the night with a few other guys, one of whom turned out to be the entrepreneur who'd come with a van-load of the plastic bags. There was a heated discussion between him and a longhair as he defended free-market values against the latter's assertion that the bags should have been distributed free.

At some stage I too ended up in that tent on the hillside which you remember. There was a real stream flowing through it and everybody got soaked.

Music. Elton John, Sandy Denny and Fotheringay, Atomic Rooster, Grounghogs, Fairport Convention, Alexis Corner, Pretty Things, Humble Bums, Alan Price.... can't remember any more at the moment. Also can't remember how it ended, or how people realised it had been called off....Pat had been doing gate security and got to know about the organiser scarpering first, and I found out from him.

The rest is history. Well, not quite.
Alastair MacDonald - Switzerland 2002
Been scrutinising my memories of Krumlin and they're rather sketchy - sleeping in someone's tent pitched on a steep hill, being on the gate when the plain clothes police walked in flashing their ID, the dj getting arrested for saying 'watch out for the pigs' or something similar, Elton John in his now-familiar kicking-the-piano-stool-over mode, Atomic Rooster playing, er.. that's about it. And it got rained off - didn't it? and did one of the organisers go missing?
Rob Walsh - Bradford, England 2002
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